Ferness Natural CBD Tinctures

Each of our CBD (Cannabidiol) Tinctures has been specially formulated using only the finest organic ingredients, making it both kind to you and the planet we share.

The full extract hemp oil used in our CBD dietary supplements comes from strong industrial hemp – known for its high CBD content – which has been grown in the sun drenched hills of southeast Spain, to ensure a healthy and nutrient rich plant.

Cleanly extracted for the best possible quality this concentrated oil is then carefully blended with organic hemp seed oil and tested to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards. Offered in four different strengths to suit you.

Every 10ml bottle of our specially formulated CBD Tincture comes in a handy size bottle that can be easily popped into a bag or pocket for easy transport.

The included dropper makes the application quick and easy, simply drop 2-3 drops under the tongue and hold for approx 1 minute before swallowing. CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found in hemp, is safe for every day use and more importantly is legal to use.